We open our doors to a variety of multidisciplinary practitioners, especially those with a history of migration, displacement, trauma, illness, or any other condition that requires space for reflection and healing to stay and work in the Białowieza Forest for short periods of time, depending on availability. Based on in-depth research into the culture of the place, residents are invited to develop ideas or practices that uncover the visible and invisible meanings of their temporary living. The peculiarity of this residency is its frontier location between different worlds, the animal and plant worlds, the human world, the non-human world, and the spirit world. Our program is intuitively based on the individual needs of the resident and the ongoing exploration of historical and contemporary rituals of transition between being and non-being, the transformation of states of tension, expectation, and uncertainty hidden in people's bodies, places, and spaces that carry a history of non-symbiotic coexistence between humans and nature. The character of the creative process during the stay is rooted in the idea of holistic healing, rest, relaxation, and inward journeys, which are led through direct contact with local nature, contemplation, sensory experience, spiritual and physical exercises, deep conversations, learning, and exchange of knowledge. 
So far the following artists/cultural practitioners visited us (among many):

 Nastey Teor / graphic artist, designer, visual artist, illustrator 
Elsa Rosengren / filmmaker, scriptwriter 
Agnieszka Brzeżańska / interdisciplinary artist, painter, sculptor
Christiane Huber 
Sonic Tomorrow Collective 
Karolina Brzuzan, visual artist, curator
Michał Pospiszyl, environmental historian
Otucha Collective, sound/voice performance
Doom Mood, choreography
Dirk Vis (planned May 2024), writer
Olga Cielemecka, philosopher 

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