§ 5
The purpose of the Foundation is to:
1. creation of culture in Poland and in the world.
2. organization and production of cultural events and interdisciplinary events of artistic, social and educational value.
3. creating conditions for the development of creativity and education towards localism and self-sufficiency.
4. stimulating creative movement in the communities of non-professional artists .
5. initiating undertakings serving the development of culture, art, ecology and education, etc.
6. promotion of new phenomena in the field of unconventional activities at the junction of various fields of the broadly understood humanism: culture, art, science, ecology and education, etc.
7. Popularization of new ideas in the field of culture, art, science, ecology and education, etc.
8. Promotion of events, people, research, undertakings and artistic works.
9. to increase, strengthen and actively create cultural exchange and links between former Eastern Bloc regions and Western Europe and beyond.
10. to build attitudes of civic responsibility and sense of identity through cultural, educational, artistic, social activities.
11. promotion, activation and strengthening of creative circles in the East and creative circles from the East in the West.
12. preservation of the existing cultural, artistic, scientific, etc. heritage.
§ 6
The Foundation pursues the above mentioned aims through
1. helping to implement specific artistic, research, social, educational projects.
2. organization and production of artistic events, undertakings, interdisciplinary, workshops, shows, exhibitions and other artistic works
3. production and post-production of film, video and multimedia.
4. educational activities in the field of: film, art, visual arts, culture, pro-social, ecology, etc.
5. implementation of programs supporting the development of attitudes of conscious participants of culture and civil society.
6. support, production and organization of interdisciplinary initiatives at the interface of science, art, film, architecture, ecology, design, education, etc.
7. supporting artistic, film, research, curatorial and writing activities in the fields of contemporary culture and cultural education.
8. to support and stimulate research on the role of culture in contemporary society and the creation of a European cultural identity.
9. supporting and stimulating integration and exchange of cultural experience between the former Eastern Bloc countries and the rest of the world (so called West).
10. cooperation with state institutions and social organizations operating within the scope of the objectives of the foundation and domestic and international cooperation with institutions, companies, schools, universities, groups, collectives, organizations and individuals showing interest in the objectives of the foundation.
§ 7
First To achieve its objectives, the Foundation may support the activities of other people and institutions convergent with its objectives.
Second The Foundation may create in the city where it is located, as well as outside its headquarters: agencies, offices, expositories, research centers, residences, studios and other facilities to pursue its statutory objectives.
(3) Within the necessary scope for the realization of statutory and economic objectives, the Foundation may employ employees under a contract of employment, as well as entrust in another legal relationship to perform specific tasks or activities.

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