Endlands/Kraina Kresu is a radio play - a space for reflection where you experience a sense of flow, immersing yourself in the sounds and voices collected on the eastern side of Poland.
We contemplatively document moments of transformation, the blending of concepts, states of mind, physical and emotional landscapes. We investigate the relationship between the ecosystem and man, assuming changing perspectives and time parameters. We look for traces of entropy, accompanying humans, animals, plants, fungi in the processes of awakening and dying of life; creation and destruction. While walking unhurriedly through the Endlands, we listen to the pulsating circulation of matter at the junction of nature and culture. We experience the landscape of the end.
Endlands/Kraina Kresu radio show was produced during 2020/2021 pandemic years mainly in the Białowieza Forest and Podlaskie region.  We have been collecting sounds (field recording) and stories from the variety of people living and working in Podlasie Province in order to capture local ecology in transgression, in a continuous process of transformation and change.  When composing the episodes we intertwine their voices with sounds: human and nature-produced, creating long melodic compositions that together tell a story of periodicity, undulations, and permeations. The goal was to build a whimsical archive, documentation of disappearance, decay, and hope. Sounds structures in each episode are supposed to give pleasure to the listeners, even in the moments when they seem oppressive. The show was presented monthly at the online social, community-based Radio Kapitał .

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